Dr. Ludmilla Scott

College of Sustainability Science & Humanities, Zayed University Abu Dhabi

Dr. Ludmilla Scott teaches Public Health and Environmental Policy courses within the Department of Health Sciences and the Department of Environmental Sciences and Sustainability. She also supervises the recently established Environmental Policy Student Club, Green Action. Dr. Scott is actively engaged in Health Literacy and Health Care Utilization research to identify needs and strategies for improving health outcomes and decreasing health care cost.

Prior to joining ZU, Dr. Scott spent over 20 years working in public health policy to include time on working in the U.S. House of Representatives. During this time she also had the opportunity to work on the Senatorial and Presidential campaigns of President Barack Obama, while working for Congressman John Conyers, Jr. Dr. Scott also served as Commissioner for the Governor of Maryland. She has trained more than 100 community-based organizations throughout the United States on Leadership in Public Health, Government Policy, Program Development and Collaboration. She is actively involved in 'health literacy' and 'tobacco use' research in the UAE and contributes public health related topics for The National, a local newspaper in the UAE.


Akin Adamson

Regional Director, Middle East Transport Research Laboratory

Akin Adamson is TRL’s (Transport Research Laboratory’s) Regional Director for the Middle East, providing world leading Transportation Research and Consultancy to Public and Private sector organisations. He has extensive advisory and research experience across multiple industries including Transportation, ICT and Energy.

Akin works across the full range of TRL’s capabilities covering Road Safety, Transportation, Infrastructure, Sustainability and Testing & Assurance. He is the focal point for all projects in the Middle East region, spanning research, policy development, strategy formulation, solution implementation and performance measurement.

Previously he was a Global Head of Consulting at Nokia Siemens Networks and a Director at Telstra in Australia. He began his consulting career at A.T. Kearney in the UK and Australia, focusing on the Transportation and Automotive sectors.

He began his research career at London Business School in the Energy Sector and has lectured at both London Business School and the London School of Economics. He holds both UK and Australian citizenship, is based in Doha, Qatar but travels extensively throughout the Middle East region. He was educated at LSE, LBS and the University of Michigan, USA.


Dr Matt Ösund-Ireland

Middle East Air Quality Practice Leader, AECOM

Middle East Air Quality Practice Leader for AECOM

A chartered environmental scientist based in the Middle East since 2010 with over 25 years of international project and due diligence experience in environmental assessment, management and sustainability appraisal.  Technical leader and expert witness in air quality and carbon assessment and management policy.

Matt has been involved with the Air Compliance Management Program in Kuwait since its inception in 2011 and has recently managed the development of a strategy for Kuwait Oil Company to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including technical assessment, cost benefit analysis and consideration of how measures initiated by KOC could be rolled out across Kuwait to leverage greater emission reductions.


Dr. Federico Karagulian

Air Quality Researcher, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology

Dr. Federico Karagulian has several years of expertise in atmospheric science, physical chemistry and, intensive data analysis. Federico has built his experience in international organizations, research institutes and private companies as researcher and technical consultant. After receiving a PhD on 2006 in Environmental Chemistry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Federico joined one of the pioneering worldwide air quality research group at the University Of California Irvine (USA) where he worked on fundamental chemistry regulating atmospheric air pollution mechanism. In the following, he moved to Brussels where he started working on air pollution using satellite observations. After one year, he joined the European Commission and then the World Health Organization as researcher in Air quality and he helped developing some of the current Air Quality regulations in force in the European Union. On 2015, Federico joined an Air quality and Energy private consultancy in the UK where he worked on the National Air Quality network data management with the integration of satellite observations. Finally, at the end of 2016, Federico joined the Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi as expert in Air Quality. At the date, he is coordinating an Air Quality project with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOCCAE) in the UAE.

Jamila El Mir

Senior Consultant Environment and Sustainability , ARUP

Jamila is a Senior Environment and Sustainability Consultant with Arup.

She has a background in environmental sciences and has 10 years of experience in environmental management and sustainability on a wide range of topics ranging including eco-tourism, water and public health, sustainability strategies and environmental planning for the built environment at various scales.  Her role typically involves close engagement with project stakeholders and team members, to optimise design solutions and overall environmental performance. 

Before joining Arup, Jamila worked in construction environmental management, development sustainability frameworks and green building policy implementation.

Eng.Fida M. Alhammadi

Head of research and building system, Building Department - Dubai Municipality

Fida Mohammed Alhammadi is Head of Research and Building Systems section, Building Department at Dubai Minicipality. A Civil Engineer with a Bachelor of Civil and Enviromental  Engineering, United Arab Emirates University, 2013. She later obtained her Master of Engineering Managment – University of Sharjah. She is a certified LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE, CFT,CFME, CCPFme,BREEM ASSOCIATE and an approved trainer by local and Intenational entities.

Eng. Yaser Kayed

Head of Studies & Planning Unit -Environmental Protection Section, Ajman Municipality and Planning Department

Eng. Yaser Kayed is a Head of Studies and Planning Unit at the Environment Protection Section – Ajman municipality and Planning Department UAE. During his career he served as Environmental Protection Section In-Charge from 2008 up to 2011-UAE, as well as Environmental Officer prior to that. He is a member of member of the steering committee for licensing and monitoring, ground water licensing committee, biodiversity committee at the Ministry of Water and Environment and other.
His specialty is in marine water studies and reporting, air monitoring and modeling, industry monitoring and corrective actions, waste management and strategy, environmental management plan, environmental impact assessment reporting and review.
He is also a part of the team preparing the environmental instruction book for the industries and is one of the team that put the proposal of Ajman environment authority.  
Eng Yaser Kayed holds MSc. in Environmental Sciences from An-Najah National University with the thesis on Evaluation of Daily Changes in Air Pollutant Levels On the Induction of Respiratory Systems in School Children.

Eng. Aisha Alabdooli

Director of Air quality department, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, UAE

Eng. Aisha has 15 years of experience and currently holds 3 positions at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment:
•    Chief Innovation Officer: Supervision over the implementation of the innovation strategy at the ministry, monitoring of performance, and strengthening of the innovation culture within the organization
•    Director of Air Quality: Supervision over the development of national air quality improvement strategies, legislation, and action plans
•    Director of Environmental Awareness and Education Department: Supervision over the implementation of the national Environmental Awareness and Education Strategy, and promotion of environmental awareness and positive behavior in society

Some of her key achievements include:
•    First Emirati female engineer to work at state-owned sewage plants
•    First Emirati woman to work as head of state-owned sewage plants
•    First Emirati woman to work as Technical Services Manager at BESIX Group which in involved in infrastructure projects
•    Leadership of the team working on the development and preparation of the mechanism and implementation plan of the UAE Green Growth Strategy
•    Supervision over the preparation of the first national State of Green Economy report
•    Monitoring of the implementation of the National Environmental Education & Awareness Strategy, thus contribution to the increased rate of national-level environmental awareness from 63% in 2014 to 68% in 2015
•    Supervision over the team preparing the first UAE State of Environment report
•    Development of many specialized strategies

Gerald Stewart

Principal – Acoustics, Inhabit Group

Gerald has recently returned to the Middle East after a three year hiatus designing two theatres and a soundstage mixing theatre in Australia. Known as the recording studio guru, for his work with major record labels; Sony, EMI, Festival and Vertigo labels over the last 30 years, his wealth of pragmatic experience come from both the designing and building aspects. His apprenticeship was as a cabinet maker building roll-top desks, but his passion for craftsman like woodwork and music, combined with a Masters in Design Science (Audio and Acoustics) quickly turned his hands to building high performance studio reference loudspeakers, which he still does under his own “Landmark” brand.

Along with typical building services acoustics, Gerald is equally well known for his work in road traffic noise intrusion design. Many people residing near major roads and freeways in the states of Victoria and NSW in Australia have benefitted from his design of road noise walls for residential property protection over many years.

Gerald was the inaugural chairman of the Middle East Acoustic Society, a group of likeminded acoustic professionals that communicate acoustic and audio ideas in a technical development forum that now boasts 170 members

After spending 30 years both touring with major music acts and in his ‘off tour’ time being the lead designer and partner in an Australian firm specialising in TV radio and recording studio construction, he was quick to see the change from pro-studio use to people using the studio in a box in the early 2000’s and took his wealth of experience from touring and live sound production and mixed this with his intimate working knowledge of theatres and performance spaces to become a highly regarded consultant designing the top echelon of live theatrical performance spaces. His recent work includes performing arts theatres, TV broadcast, radio and recording studios on both sides of the equator. Zayed University Abu Dhabi is one local project where his designs are used from site wide acoustic and audio visual design to theatre planning of the main 1000 seat theatre and convention centre. Using his amassed wealth of audio production knowledge and keenly tuned ears he is also an avid ‘home recording’ philanthropic producer who provides off site mixing and production expertise to upcoming young recording artists over various internet portals. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar and recording his own music, building and flying RC model jets and along with his wife enjoys travel, cooking and everything the Middle East lifestyle brings, he calls the UAE home.

Simon Miller

Product Conformity Specialist, Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council

Eng. Hani Hossni

EHS Dept Director, Tadweer (Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi)

Dr. Amnish Ravindranath

Senior Manager - Quality & Accreditation, NMC Specialty Hospital

Dr. Amnish Ravindranath has over 13 years’ experience in healthcare. He is currently working as Senior Manager – Quality & Accreditation at NMC Specialty Hospital, Abu Dhabi. He has developed, implemented and is leading the Quality improvement, risk management, Environmental Health and Safety Management (EHSMS) programs, various accreditation process. He has a Bachelor degree in Dental Surgery, Masters in Hospital Administration, Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laws & Ethics and Certificate in Healthcare Risk Management. He holds various certifications, in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM), Patient Safety (CPPS) and Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), (CHCQM-PSRM) and Business Intelligence (CSBI). He is also Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (OSHMS) Practitioner registered with Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHAD) Registration Program Qudorat. He is Member of the Patient Safety Task Force of American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM).

Ruqaya Mahmoud Mohamed

Section Manager - Air Quality, Noise and Climate Change Environment Quality, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi

Paul Schwarz

Partner & Principal Acoustic Engineer – Design Confidence & Chairman,, Middle East Acoustic Engineering Society.

Paul is an experienced acoustics, noise and vibration design consultant and has approximately 22 years’ experience working in this field. In that time he has gained extensive understanding of designing, monitoring, assessing and controlling acoustics, noise and vibration affecting commercial, residential and public property. His experience also includes writing and reviewing detailed technical reports as part

of wider environmental and architectural studies.

Architectural services provided to date have included the provision of advice on all aspects of architectural acoustics to many major international architects and developers; assessing client’s needs and providing cost effective and practical advice commensurate with the project requirements.

Paul is experienced at writing de- tailed acoustic specifications for items such as external building fabric

components (to control unwanted noise break-in/ breakout), plant room structures (to control plant noise breakout to surrounding sensitive areas), and internal cellular partitioning systems including ceiling void treatment (for control of speech crosstalk between critical spaces to maintain privacy) and acoustic finishes to occupied areas for reverberation time control to ensure an essential level of speech intelligibility.

Jon Lee

Head of Acoustics, Cundall

Jon is an experienced acoustics, noise and vibration consultant. Through working on and managing projects at all stages of planning, design and construction he has gained extensive knowledge in architectural and environmental acoustics.

Key projects in the GCC include Bluewaters Island, Place Vendome Mall and Hotels, VOX Mall of Emirates, Damac Paramount Tower and Dubai Creek Harbour.

As a corporate member of the Institute of Acoustics he held a seat on the Publications Committee and was presented with the Distinguished Service Award for his services to the Institute. He also helps run the Middle East Acoustic Society, promoting professional standards in all matters of acoustic practice in the region

Abeer Sajwani

Associate – Environment, Estidama, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC)

Abeer Sajwani is an environmental professional working currently with the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council. Abeer has a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from the American University of Sharjah and a M.Sc. in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering with concentration in Sustainable Development from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy. She is passionate about environment related research in the region and she is active participant in UAE environmental initiatives.

Moh’d Sa’dat Moh’d Alam

Senior Specialist – Air, Noise & Climate Change Policy & Regulations, Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi, EAD

Member of the Compliance Committee to the UNFCCC representing ASIA.

Managing the issuance of the First state Of Environment Report in Jordan and UAE.

Consultant for the preparation of the National Communications for Iraq, Oman and Kuwait.

Team leader for GHGs inventory for Jordan’s National Communications to the UNFCCC.

Developing national standards for ambient air quality and source emissions.

Dr. Alena Bartonova

PhD, Research Director, NILU UAE

RNDr. Alena Bartonova, PhD, Research Director, NILU UAE. She has background in mathematical statistics and environmental science, and works as a research scientist in the field of air quality, environmental health and integrated assessment at NILU. She has extensive international experience from research, assessment and air quality monitoring projects executed in countries across Europe, in India and in the UAE where she was the head of NILUs branch office 2013-2014. In addition to own research activities, she has served as adviser to the European Union’s 5th and 7th Framework Program for Research, has served on the EU Scientific Committee for Environmental Health Risks, and as an adviser to the WHO in relation to exposure assessment and revision of the EU air quality legislation.

Dr Ludovic Thobois

Scientific Partnership & Animation Manager for Meteorology & Aviation, Leosphere

Dr Ludovic Thobois received a Phd Thesis from INP Toulouse, France in Fluid dynamics (2006). He studied large eddy simulations of turbulent flows close to surfaces without and with chemistry. He joined in 2011 the advanced research division of Leosphere as the Scientific Studies Manager. He was in charge of developing new post-processing techniques for providing more accurate and relevant observations from LIDAR raw data. He is an active participant of several working groups in Europe in charge of exploring the capabilities of new remote sensors for meteorology and air quality purposes. He was for example involved in several COST European actions related to the cooperation of European countries in science and technology for the study of remote sensing in future observing networks.